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Baby it's Cold Outside or is it ?

In case you are planning a visit to a vintage festival or are just looking to put together a vintage out fit for an outside event, I would like to offer you a few tips to cope with the extreme weather that we are experiencing.


Brits love to talk about the weather, mainly because we have a lot of it, you may not have the same problem if you are reading this from outside the UK however hopefully you will be still be able to pick up a few tips.


So you have tickets for a vintage event and you have your outfit planned and sorted.

Well think again after the weather we had last year, planning was turned on its head, 

in stead you need to be prepared, prepared for every weather type, it may turn out a lot hotter or colder, dryer or wetter than you had planned for, so be prepared for each weather type and then make your choices in the week of the event when you should have a good idea of the forecast.


At the last minute we were kindly given tickets to attend Goodwood Revival which takes place mid September every year in the South of England. At the time the UK was in the midst of a late summer heat wave and the day time temperature was very strangely in the 30s. 


 So the idea of a cute tweed suit a felt hat and a fur thrown over my shoulder, paired with gloves and a silk scarf for me and a vintage heritage tweed suit for my partner had to be re thought totally. 


Its all about the fabric

Planning was put to one side and reality took over, it is all about the fabric it has to be natural to breath or to be ultra modern sports wear. Not wanting to wear my gym kit to Goodwood, I turned to looking at fabrics, cotton, silk, and linen were all in the frame when I was selecting my outfit and importantly our accessories.

So imagine my surprise when we arrived at Goodwood at 9 am in already sweltering heat to to find some women dressed in polyester dresses, high heels, nylons on their legs and even furs, with men in thick woolen tweeds, waistcoats and flat hats. I recalled the famous opening paragraph of To Kill a Mocking Bird. 

"Maycomb was a tired old town, even in 1932 when I first knew it. Somehow, it was hotter then. Men's stiff collars wilted by nine in the morning. Ladies bathed before noon after their three o'clock naps, and by nightfall were like soft teacakes with frosting from sweating and sweet talcum.........



With an event such as the Goodwood Revival where there are dress codes to certain areas, I was spotting those that had made the right choice when they got dressed that morning. Those that looked fabulous in their vintage, chaps that sported a crisp cotton shirt with a light weight linen jacket and a silk cravat, with cotton socks and leather suede shoes, topped of with a medium brimmed Panama Hat with a cotton pocket square.

I was on the look out for ladies that looked amazing and cool, ladies who had selected a low wedged heeled sandal, or a flat had sleeveless garments with an A line skirt or dress and linen top with floaty long sleeves to keep the sun at bay. I spotted one lady in a black and white loose jump suit with bare arms all topped off with a wide brimmed hat and flat shoes she looked very smart and cool. I opted for a medium brimmed straw hat and a vintage paper parasol, so I could keep in the shade even in the open large open spaces, accessorised with sun glasses and cotton lace gloves, a straw handbag to carry a bottle of water and cooling face spray. 

By late morning, the first aid centres were giving out flip flops to ladies who had been suffering with swollen throbbing feet, that had been crammed into tight high heeled shoes. The bars were selling thousands of bottles of water, even though if you took your own bottle you could refill it up with fresh iced water at the water points, and

cool your wrists at the same time. Image was taken at Goodwood in the hanger where people were getting out of the sun and cooling down with a cold drink and looking amazing.

We had a fantastic day here are a few tips:

  1. SELECT Light & Neutral Colours 

  2. UNDER WEAR - Non Stick Wear a Slip cotton silk or modern cooling fabric half and full slips available from M&S)

  3. CHOOSE NATURAL FABRICS- Silk, Linen, Cottons. you can also buy tropical weight uniforms, as well as tailored shorts and jackets.(shorts may not always be acceptable in some areas)

  4. STYLES Loose Long Sleeves, Loose Trousers A line dress or skirts

  5. BARE ARMS & LEGS - can work and will be cooler if you have a sunshade, use suncream and make sure you have a silky smooth moisturised skin with a fake tan to give a little glow or have bare arms under a loose jacket

  6. ACCESSORIES - Brimmed Hat, Hair up-do away from the neck will be cooler you can still wear a hat if pinned on carefully, and Sunglasses are a must as is a Parasol (a black vintage umbrella works well) A vintage hand fan really cools you down and looks the part you.

  7. SHOES ladies avoid killer heels and keep your best vintage shoes for (car to carpet wear only) wedges are great with an ankle strap flats with a lace up with cotton socks or a T bar will stop your foot from becoming claw like. Gents, soft suede leather or cotton shoes make sure they are leather lined and wear silk or cotton socks.

  8. WATER -Keep hydrated take a small bottle of water that can slip in a bag or pocket that you can refill throughout the day.

  9. STOP MOVING take breaks, find shade

  10. GO SHOPPING If you are caught out, need a hat then go shopping at the event as there are always great vintage stalls to select from.

I have also attended Twinwood Festival, in Bedford England many times and recall one that was once so hot and warm on the run up and yet rained and rained and and was bitingly cold as the Russian Steps at the actual event. We still had a great time as we were cosy and warm and wore three of everything, there were people who were terribly under dressed however they enjoyed the vintage clothing stalls and we sold more coats that year than any other !

Here are some beautiful 1940s Vintage outfits shown by the ladies in the Fashion Show at Avoncroft Museums 1940s event in October.

 So here are a few tips:


  1. SELECT Select Rich Warm Colours 

  2. UNDER WEAR - LAYERS - Thermal Under Wear is your friend

  3. CHOOSE NATURAL FABRICS - Wool, Fur, Tweeds Leather Suede,Silk & Cotton Velvets. Polyester and Nylon will be warm to wear if layered up. Vintage events take place on old Air Fields or on the coastal locations so prepare for wind it can be really cold fabrics to cheat the wind are leather wool and furs.

  4. STYLES Fitted Long Sleeves, Suits of all combinations Trousers, Suits, Dress & Coat, Skirts & Jacket, Trouser & Jacket, three piece suits the waist coat gives your trunk an extra layer. Along with tank tops or sleeveless knits.

  5. COATS Heavy equals Warm. Double breasted should always buttoned up, button up all styles

  6. ACCESSORIES Vintage Fur around the shoulders, wear a hat, it is a kin to closing the door and you will loose 90% of heat from a hat less head. Hand warmers can be slipped in a pocket or gloves.

  7. KEEPING DRY trench coats and vintage metal framed umbrellas are smart and work well. Pack a Mac capes and hoods are available in clear plastic so your vintage outfit can still be admired. purchase in advance and have ready in a pocket.

  8. SHOES You can wear boots and closed in shoes, add a thermal innersole wool socks or silk stockings.

  9. HOT DRINKS and food soups or a hot toddy.

  10. KEEP MOVING find a sheltered place out of the wind dancing and walking will really help.

  11. GO SHOPPING If you are caught out then go shopping at the event as there are always great vintage stalls to select from.

What ever the weather you will enjoy it so much more if you have done your prep !

Check out our Godwood Revival outfits on our website  






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