Size Guide

Vintage Clothing How we measure

Vintage clothing is not like modern clothing, unlike modern fabrics most Vintage fabrics are not stretchy.

To avoid disappointment and receive an item that does not fit, take a few minutes to check your measurements, once you have measured your body and checked the measurements in the chart below, you will have your vintage clothing size for items we sell, do not worry if you find it is a different size from the size you buy from modern retailers.

Regardless of the size shown in the Vintage Garment (if any) we measure it in inches and then size the garment as listed in the table below. So to avoid disappointment compare your personal body measurements with our garment measurements to make sure the item fits properly.

Tip : If you have an item of clothing in your wardrobe that fits you well and is similar in style to our stock then measure your garment and compare it to the measurements we have provided.

We will always try and give you some idea of the fabric composition and advise you if it does have some stretch.

So the question you need to answer is...

" Do you know your MEASUREMENT'S ?"  


Tailor with Measuring Tape

If not then read on....


Take a tape measure or use a piece of string and measure against a ruler, make a note of the following measurements.

Bust – Measure under your arms and around the fullest part of your bust
Waist – this is around your middle the smallest part
Hips – This is measured 7 inches down from the waist


Now check your measurement's on the chart below 

to see what size you are for our Vintage Stock 

The measurements are in inches:


Rock Follies    Bust     Waist    Hips   


Size   6        30        22        33

Size   8        32        24        35

Size  10       34        26        37

Size  12       36        28        39

Size  14       38        30        41

Size  16       40        32        42

Size  18       42        34        45

Size  20       44        36        46

Size  22       46        38        50

How we measure ladies wear 

Bust - across the front from seam to seam  

Waist - from side seam to side seam at waist point
Sleeve  - from shoulder end seam to cuff hem

Body Length from back neck to back waist 

dress length - from back neck to hem 

 skirt length from waist to hem

please contact us if you would like us to provide any other measurements 


Take the following measurements 
Collar  - around your neck loose, Chest - under your arms around the broadest part of your chest, 

Waist - around your middle, Inside Leg - hold top of tape at your crotch straight down inside of your leg to the ground
Arm – from the top of your shoulder round a bent arm to wrist

Your height will effect the length of jackets and trousers and this is measured as Short, Regular and Long fit.

We measure from the back neck where the collar joins the jacket

to the back hem to give you the length of the jacket.


The image above shows how we measure shirts the collar, length of shirt & sleeve, the chest, waist.

How we  measure mens wear 

Collar  - buttoned up 

Chest - across the chest from seam to seam  

Waist - from side seam to side seam at waist point

Inside Leg from the top of the leg seam to the ground
Sleeve  - from shoulder seam to cuff hem

length - from back neck, where collar joins the back of the garment to hem 



The image above shows how we measure jackets the length of jacket, sleeve, chest, waist and hips.

We list the label measurement if there is one, but please bear in mind, the size label in the jacket sometimes has no bearing on the actual measurement of the jacket. So take your own measurements and compare to those we provide. 



We take four measurements the

1. Height

2. Width 

3. Depth

4 Strap Drop