"Get ahead Get a Hat"
Ladies Vintage Hats 

I'm aOur hat collection contains original true vintage hats from nearly every era, unlike mens hats ladies hats are usually to go with a particular outfit. If you want to get it right its worth remembering the basic Hat Etiquette 

 Ladies unlike men do not need to remove a hat when inside or for the National Anthem 

If you are wearing Tailoring (suit or Coat) and you want to complete your outfit wear a Hat not a Headpiece. 

 If you are wearing an occasion dress you can wear a hat to match or compliment the dress but the fabric should reflect the dress you are wearing, i.e. if you wore a chiffon dress you wouldn't wear a wool felt hat but may wear a velvet hat with a ribbon or decoration. 

Cocktail hats are best worn for evening and occasion events as the name suggests.