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Vintage Garden Parties

9th and 10th April 2022

I moved Rock Follies Vintage from a 'bricks and mortar shop' to an 'online business with appointments to view' in January 2021, here we are just over a year later and now I have time to reflect, it has taken me all of this time to really get to a place where I feel sorted both in the new studio and home office and in my head and on the website which of course is never finished as its continually changing.

garden view of blue sky, green lawn and summer flowers
Rock Follies Vintage in The Garden

Lots of people have started working from home, I know it is not for everyone, however to me it really does have many benefits the main being, 'time' just from the commute and to all that was involved in leaving the house for the day, to the moment that I turned the sign on the shop door to 'open', I have grabbed back two to three hours or more each and every day. So that's a great positive, as I have never had enough hours in the day.

So what do I do with my extra two hours, I have been able to make two huge sets of curtains for my daughter and her fiancé, I feel really smug if I get the weekly ironing basket ironed before that very basket is required to hang out the 'next' load on washing of course I could never do this when the kids were young and I seemed to be feeding the washing machine on a daily basis, I find myself pottering around the garden noticing the little things that I never had time to see when I made my old morning dash, the bird feeders are always filled, the green fly zapped, the cat chatted to and the plants watered inside and out. More time is spent with loved ones, ones, including time traveled to see them, without the need to rush back on the same day, to be a host that is actually in the house when guests come to stay has been fantastic, as I now have the ability to work on the website late into the evening and early mornings, in fact shifting the working day has got to be the best advantage.

The stock from the shop of course is my main distraction and many hours have been spent photographing, steaming, describing and listing on the website at the time of writing this I have added over 1200 items many of those listed in groups so its been a marathon rather than a sprint, but one that I am winning and a fantastic eye opener to what fabulous stock I have in my business, collected over twelve years as a vintage collection is not something that arrives in brown box one day.

This year I have decided that I really would like to share this collection not just online but in person so I am planning some Vintage Garden Parties, I have the first one planed for the weekend of the 9th and 10th of April 2022 from 10am to 4pm here in Kidderminster Worcestershire. I shall be opening the studio to visitors arranging displays in a garden gazebo, we have a couple of classic cars to show, the bunting will be hung, the vintage tunes will ring out and cakes and bubble will be eaten and sipped along with a nice cup of tea in a vintage tea cup. The refreshments will be complimentary however I will be taking donations for the Ukraine Crisis via the Red Cross. I should also add there will be great discounts, and all payment options will be available cash card etc.

I do miss the interaction with my customers, so invitations have been sent out to all those that are subscribed to the newsletter and previous customers, if I have missed you out or you are just reading this then do contact me via the contact form in the footer of the website and I will send you the address and details.

Really hope you can attend

Best wishes


Rock Follies Vintage


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