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Interview with a Vintage Curator!

Lynda on the steps on VE Day
Lynda Case

Lynda Case owner and founder of 'Rock Follies Vintage' a Vintage Clothing & Accessory Business.

Where did the idea of Rock Follies Vintage come from?

I was in Cardiff with my daughter back in the early 2000s when we came across a Vintage Charity Shop we walked around and bought a few treasures. We loved the way it had been put together, I walked out and I said I could do that ! I had a large collection of Vintage Clothing and by the time we had arrived

back home, I had the name "Rock Follies Vintage" and had asked my brother to design a Logo for me.

Black and Green Rock Follies Vintage Logo
Rock Follies Vintage Logo

A few days later had booked my first stall at a Vintage fair in Birmingham! For the next few years I took the stall around the UK until I opened the shop in 2012 until 2020 when I launched the new website.

Have you always loved Vintage ?

Yes I have always loved history and old things, aged twelve I was given a large Victorian bamboo sewing basket filled with all sorts of treasures one

collection of China Pin Head Ladies in Cabinet
China Pin Head Ladies

being a little china pin head lady and it started me off on a lifeline of collecting beautiful old things.

Have you always lived in Worcestershire?

No born and bread in Surrey, after School I trained at Wimbledon School of Art, (University of the Arts, London) where I studied my favourite subjects History, Costume and Theatre. After college I was delighted to secure a job working with the English National Opera in the Production Wardrobe as a costume maker working with beautiful fabrics and international designers.

Where Do Find Your Vintage and What do you do when you find it?

I spent many years buying in my shop, so I do have a huge collection from everything from a hat pin to a tea set and everything in between. I also get up very, very early and in the cold and wet to trawl Flea Markets, Auctions, Car Boots, Charity Shops

and make house visits to hand pick my treasure.

Blue Vintage Dresses on the Stairs
Vintage Gowns

When it arrives in the studio the hard work really begins the first of all I have to decide if requires cleaning, and repairing. Nearly everything is steamed with an industrial steamer and this way I really get to know the garment. I replace and repair any closures buttons and zips. Everything is measured, sized, labelled and a full description written this often follows extensive research on the labels or some other information. The items are then styled and many photographs are then taken all this is done before it is added to the studio in the correct department. Its not quiet as straightforward as it seams

How do send out your stock?

Ready to Wrap
Wrapping items

I have sold items all over the world and like to get the sold item well on its way the day it is sold if possible, I do feel strongly about sustainable fashion and the postage and packing is all part of this so all of my packing materials are made from recycled products and I hope people go on to use the packing in other ways. So each item of clothing will be lined in acid free tissue and folded carefully up with any special areas given more tissue to avoid the item arriving creased. Homeware will of course be wrapped and packed to avoid any damage and then most items will then be wrapped in tissue and packed into a box, together with any other little treats that I pop in on the day. I shall also be offering a gift wrapping service for Christmas and Gifts. The parcels are mostly posted using the Royal Mail although I do use a courier service for some.

Can Customers Come and View Items in Your Studio in Worcestershire?

Yes, we have parking and can take card payments. I closed the shop in the throws of the pandemic in December 2020 and since then I have concentrated in getting all the stock listed and live on to the website, however I have also provided more local customers with appointments.

China Tea Cups
Cup of Tea

I will also be offering open days to the studio with a glass of fizz or a cup or tea and cake, and I am collecting a list of customers that would like to attend one of these open days, I absolutely love the interaction with my customers so I am really looking forward to doing this on a more regular basis.

Do You Send Out a Newsletter?

Yes I have just launched The Vintage Newsletter and have so many plans for it, I will be offering everyone on the list all sort or tips about wearing, storing, using and buying vintage along with offers so do join now it will drop into your in box twice a month

Other information about Lynda the owner of Rock Follies Vintage and the Awards she has won can be found on the 'Awards' and 'My Story' pages of the Rock Follies Vintage Website


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