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    • Meet the Mannequins Diana, Dorris's & Dave's.

      So to be honest it seems that I have always had a mannequin, the first one I must admit belonged to my Mum, who was given 'Dina' for Christmas but I used her more and when I moved out she moved in with me. She was great, as I made loads of my own clothes, you could turn the dials and she would grow or shrink in the hip bust or waist department if only I could do that now. At Wimbledon school of art in the costume department we were spoilt by a selection of dummies and when I worked for the ENO (English National Opera) in the production wardrobe I again had a huge selection of amazing old dummies in all shapes and sizes from Stockman's to Kennet & Lindsel's we would grab the dummy that was nearest in shape to the singer you were making for and pad it up where needed, no more dials the solid dummy was so much better than the flexible dial variety. So when I wanted my own dummy it had to be a Stockman no other would do not even a K&L no I wanted a Stockman, however they were very expensive I was just out of college and it was before the days of eBay. I must have mentioned it to my Mother in Law the lovely Denny, who decided that she would buy me one for my birthday. Yes it was very exciting I had to choose the measurements, the style, the finish of the wooden stand and topper and place the order. I could hardly believe it, all these years later I can still remember the large parcel arriving with my very own Stockman Tailors Dummy inside, it was the mid 1980s and cost over £200 I was so lucky. Many dresses, bridal gowns, costumes, and outfits were made on Dorris, there were of course years when she was tucked away in the corner of the room wearing just a feather boa, as I was busy raising my family and by 2003 she had been moved into the loft . So when I started Rock Follies Vintage I went into the loft to collect my vintage clothing and yes retrieved Dorris, (pictured in a Red Frock) a few weeks later I set of for my first Vintage Fayre at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, I created the stall and stood Dorris proudly at the edge in a beautiful pale green lace 1950s dress she looked amazing, she was back and so was I. For the next few years at weekends Dorris was driven all over the country, she stood in a field at Goodwood, The Old Fire Station at Twinwood and an array of Guildhalls from Bristol to Cardiff and of course Worcester where she was to star in the window of my beautiful little shop. She did acquire an injury which happened when my son accidentally knocked her over in the garage, which was sad especially as she had remained in good shape up to this point despite me taking her all over the place! A trim size 12 Dorris looked great in the vintage gowns. However I had by now acquired a few other dummies none quite of Dorris heritage. I found a sponge one with half shoulders she looks great in a long sleeved dress, (pic on left) and a wicker one with a tiny waist (pic below)both have appeared at the Worcester Cathedral when I dressed them up as a 'Christmas Tree' as part of the Christmas Tree Festival. Photos of Dorris as a 1920s Flapper, an inspiring Suffragette and an Angel in the Cloisters. I found a velvet covered one in a Charity shop and retrieved another from a skip. A customer gave me a lovely one with a wired stand. I did have to purchase a few modern polystyrene forms from a shop suppliers. They were all called Dorris plus location so I had For example, Dorris on the Stairs, Dorris in the window and Dorris up stairs and yes I even got a few Dave's to join the team. One day a fellow shop owner in Reindeer Court asked me if I was interested in buying a couple of old mannequins he thought they were Stockmans !!!! he bought one in and yes a deal was struck, I ended up with both of them. He didn't want me to sell them on he hoped I would use them, as they had come from the same Parisian Dress Makers workroom swoon ! Well I wouldn't sell them in a million years, they always stay together on my watch. My Three Stockman's. Next to join the family were Dorris and Dave "with arms' Dave is a Quality Man second hand but still very expensive, I purchased him from another Vintage Shop who had probably got fed up of taking his arms on and off every time you need to replace his outfit he offers no assistance! However he did look good standing outside the shop and he is very heavy so would not blow over on a blustery day. His girl 'Dorris Outside' is not of the same quality she is not cheap, but has developed a bit of wobble and lists to starboard which is most annoying, some lovely passer by broke her finger off which was most upsetting, but like her mate she didn't blow over in the wind and would wear a dress and coat with such style and flare she could even hold a bag, a pair of gloves and wear a hat as she and Dave also have a head !! Now I must tell you about Pam, she joined my motley crew a few years ago when this lovely lady came into my shop and asked" would you like a mannequin she has a back story, I am not selling her but I would like you to have her if you want her." Intrigued I was. Apparently Pam had belonged to this Ladies youngest daughter, an artist and Pam had always stood in her studio. The daughter very sadly had died and Pam even made an appearance at the Wake held in the Fownes Hotel in Worcester. The Mother told me how they were trying to carry her in to the room when she came apart and the staff told them of for laughing as there was a Wake to be held in the function room ! yes they knew this was one of the guests they informed her. So Pam arrived she was not perfect far from it she has things missing including an eye lash, however I was very honoured to have Pam stand in the window upstairs of my shop she has great attitude, here she is between Paris Doris 1 and a modern shop Doris So there you are the Rock Follies Mannequins we quite a team and I often to say Good Morning to one of them mistaking them for a customer, and I think Dave and Dorris (outside) may have a thing going on!

    • Rock Follies Vintage "The Studio Years"

      The first of November brings some big changes at Rock Follies Vintage, I started the business in 2009 whilst still in a full time job, it has evolved over the years from a travelling stall, a pop up shop, to a premises when I opened the Shop in Worcester in 2012. 2020 was always meant to be a decision year for the business, as my tenancy lease expires I have decided that next year the business will again evolve and move on. Many of you will know that my partner and I bought and moved into a big old Edwardian House last year, it is a great back drop for my Vintage Stock, and you know what, we love it, and I am going to bring Rock Follies Vintage home. It’s going to be so sad to close the Worcester Shop however it has always been a business to me not a hobby, and it has to work to go forward. Times are different the High Street is different, and I have to have to change and reinvent in response to these changes if I want Rock Follies Vintage to go forward. November is all change with Lockdown 2.0 just days away so, the New Website is up and running I still have loads of stock to add to it so keep checking in if you are looking for sustainable original fashion you will not be disappointed. In fact loads of gorgeous dresses went on today, along with my range of Scrabble Jewellery which make a quirky gift. So you will still be able to purchase from Rock Follies Vintage. I will also have more time to hunt out the Vintage treasures. When I reopen the shop after lockdown, I have a lot of stock that that I will not have room for in “The Studio” and I will be selling this off at Sale Prices mostly 50% off, ( if we are able to open again in December.) Despite the uncertainty that s facing us all It’s an exciting time with lots of ideas planed for the new year, the new way, but for now we just have to get through this year and the challenges it has certainly brought to us all. Keep Safe Lynda Case

    • Wear Vintage,Care Vintage!

      There is a lot we can learn from our great grandparents about storing our accessories and clothing, years ago clothing was very expensive, some outfits would only be purchased after people saved up for month. Shoes were handmade, bags were decorated with delicate threads and beads and dresses were made of silk and chiffon. Suits were even more expensive, tailor made and hats and shoes were made of leather and wool felt. People often comment in the shop about the great condition of an item how they can hardly believe it is an original 1940s dress. So why is this? Well it's all in the storage and the packing. I remember buying a dress from a customer in the shop, they explained how they had opened a few boxes of dresses found in the attic and dress after dress fell apart upon touch. One dress was stored in tissue with lots of soap flakes wrapped into each layer and the dress emerged completely undamaged. I don't know what type of soap it was, but it but it had saved the dress I bought it of course! So when we buy a special piece of vintage let's think about how we are going to store it! It will make all the difference to how long it will last, remember our Mantra is "Wear for Ever" Firstly, only store away items that are clean and dry. If you need to sponge off a mark or launder an item do this before storing, also note any repairs that you may have to do because there is nothing more annoying then picking out a coat to wear and finding the button is in the pocket from the last time you wore it. Also let your items breathe don't wrap them in plastic and seal them, instead think of wrapping special dresses in old cotton or linen table cloths, old sheets or in acid free tissue paper. Moth protection in the form of soap, cedar balls, lavender bags, chemical moth killers. Hangers and traps should be used, they are really easy to get now and don't have the horrendous scent of old "moth balls" hang them put them in draws, boxes or pockets. Moths are very particular they like silk, wool, linen and they like the dark. So remember to hoover and clean the bottom and the back of your wardrobes and drawers. I buy my moth protection from Caraselle Direct who are great and deliver very quickly. Rock Follies Vintage - Dust bags A designer handbag always comes with a dust bag, So we have decided that all of our handbags will now always come with a handmade vintage fabric dust bag. These are made using vintage fabrics and trims, our first batch is hot of the sewing machine made with vintage Sanderson fabric and satin ribbon. So how do you use a dust bag? Pack the bag with some acid free tissue, we always use this to wrap our items with, then put your vintage bag into the dust bag to protect it from the damage of light and dust. Fold or Hang? Knitwear and silk dresses with heavy decoration should always be folded as they will stretch and the weight of the decoration can cause damage. Padded Coat Hangers I have been collecting these for years but you can still buy them new or make your own with a precious scrap of vintage fabric. They are gentle on your delicate dresses and you won't end up with a poke and pointed shoulder. Shoe Trees When a foot goes into a shoe it gives it shape and it looks great, so to keep the shape and to prevent dents and folds. When putting your shoes and boots away ensure they are clean then always put a shoe or boot tree or stuff the toes with balls of tissue paper. Hat Boxes Special hats can be stored in hat boxes or any box stuffed with tissue. Hats need room, you don't want to squash them but if they have got squashed just remember a steam from a kettle will revive and restore quite easily. Fur Wrap a coat or a stole in an old linen sheet or table cloth, make sure its clean and dry when put away and use moth repellants as above. Jewellery The best thing to do with jewellery is to store in individual boxes or soft bags so it doesn't get scratched and tangled. Old vintage jewellery boxes are good as they have separate places to lay brooches and earrings in flat. Don't hang old strings of pearls and crystals as this will stretch and damage them, instead a soft pouch is the best. I use coloured boxes for my coloured beads so I can quickly find my green beads as they are in the green box! Wash or Dry Clean? I often get asked about dry cleaning vintage clothing but I am not a great fan because it won't always shift the offending stain but may actually spoil the decoration, buttons and fabric. So try spot cleaners but always test on an inconspicuous place first to check the colour is not going to get stripped then hang the item on a clothesline (a frosty morning is great because it will freshen up the fabrics.) Many fabrics can be hand washed successfully as todays detergents are much more delicate than the carbolic soaps of yesterday. For dresses that are dry clean only or have delicate decoration on and you don't want to damage you can obviously wear modern deodorants and antiperspirants, however if you know you are going to get hot you can put in dress guards (two half-moon cotton shapes) they are sewn into the sleeve underarm area with a small stitch that can be removed for laundering and keep the dress clean and dry. Ties & Scarfs Hang ties on special tie racks, you can often pick them up in charity shops, by hanging them you can see all your special ties in one place. Pocket Squares should be washed and ironed and stored folded up ready to pop in your top pocket. Scarves, now I like to see my scarves! I store away winter scarves in summer and summer ones in the winter to save space. I hang long scarves on hangers and have a basket with my favourite scarves under the dressing table. I wrap each scarf into a scarf bun (just wrap around your hand and thread the end through the middle) That way I can see each and every scarf. Most can be machine washed but some do require hand washing so just check the care instructions but I would say if you can't see them you won't wear them. #storevintage #wearvintagecarevintage #howtostorevintage #dustbagvintage #mothvintage

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    • Rock Follies Vintage Clothing & Accessories store in Worcester England

      Shop Now Free Post & Packing in the UK Vintage Shop "Wear For Ever " is our Mantra Each item in our vintage collection has been individually and lovingly sourced. We sell Original Vintage Clothing for Men & Women, Jewellery, Accessories, Homeware, Bridal and so much more. We are in the process of adding a LOT of stock so do check in regularly ! Lockdown update ....We are posting out first class thank you for your support. Use this form to Contact us and sign up for our news letter Submit Thanks for submitting!

    • Lingerie & Night Wear | Rock Follies Vintage

      Lingerie & Night Wear We don’t have any products to show here right now. We don’t have any products to show right now. We don’t have any products to show right now. We don’t have any products to show right now. We don’t have any products to show right now.

    • This Weeks Picks | Rock Follies Vintage

      Next Originals Quick View Cotton Velvet Sweetheart Wiggle Dress Price £28.00 Fit & Flare Quick View 1950s Flock Chiffon Dress Price £165.00 Harris Tweed Quick View Harris Tweed Jacket Price £95.00 Celtic Cross Quick View Celtic Inspired Brooch Price £14.00 Jaeger Quick View Italian Silk Square Price £20.00 £10 A PAIR Quick View Scrabble Cuff Links Price £5.00 Cats Eyes Quick View Cats Eyes Retro Styled Sunnies Price £15.00 Jean Varon Quick View Chiffon Gown by Jean Varon Collectors piece Price £550.00 Leather Quick View "Seeing Red" Accessory Pack Regular Price £67.00 Sale Price £45.00 1950s Quick View 1950s Wool Felt Hat Price £120.00 Three Piece Quick View 1970s Edwardian Inspired Ensamble Price £95.00 Statement Ring Quick View Red and Clear Dome Diamanté Ring Price £15.00 Clobber Quick View 1970's Midi length Dress Price £95.00 Crimplene Quick View 1970s Maxi Dress with sleeveless Cape Price £32.00 Fit & Flare Quick View 1950s Brocade Dress Price £95.00 Ribbon Work Quick View Wool Crepe Dress with Ribbon Appliqué Price £175.00 Next Originals Quick View Cotton Velvet Sweetheart Wiggle Dress Price £28.00 Fit & Flare Quick View 1950s Flock Chiffon Dress Price £165.00 Harris Tweed Quick View Harris Tweed Jacket Price £95.00 Celtic Cross Quick View Celtic Inspired Brooch Price £14.00 Next Originals Quick View Cotton Velvet Sweetheart Wiggle Dress Price £28.00 Fit & Flare Quick View 1950s Flock Chiffon Dress Price £165.00 Harris Tweed Quick View Harris Tweed Jacket Price £95.00 Celtic Cross Quick View Celtic Inspired Brooch Price £14.00

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