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What This Old Thing ?

Rework Recycle Reuse

With the future of the planet very much in the forefront, Vintage Fashion Versus Fast Fashion is on our minds, you know you can be very creative when you have to be and perhaps now we do have to be! Many original Vintage items should not be altered as they are in such great shape and are really wearable, however there are some items that just need a few tweaks and with a bit of an imagination can be absolutely perfect, who watched the TV series by Dawn O'Porter "This Old Thing"? Dawn would pick out a vintage outfit

Dawn O'Porter Author of This Old Thing
Dawn O'Porter

and make a few changes that would make it really wearable for today, Dawn has also written a book about how we can all fall in love with Vintage Clothes and do our bit it is also called "This Old Thing" I just love Dawns ethos and she is such a lovely crazy lady.

Did you know that each Brition throws away about 3.1 kg or textiles each year and of that 1.7kg goes to landfill.

So here some reworking problems that I have answered !

Problem: The dress is sleeveless

Answer: Have some chiffon sleeves added

Problem: The lace dress is to small

Answer: Have some side panels added and open the back seam add a placket and lacing

Problem: Dress does not suit body shape but I love the fabric

Answer :Make it into a skirt

Problem: The dress looks to formal for every day

Answer: Dress it down wear trainers and denim jacket with it

Why Should We Buy Vintage ?

There are so many reasons, here are some that I have heard over and over from my customers and these reasons are becoming more important to more people.

  • Sustainable fashions just sits better with my conscience 

  • My Vintage dress is individual

  • Nobody else has one so if I'm going to an event or just down the road I will not see another.

  • I love the colours and patterns 

  • The styles are just better as many vintage items are just to complicated with tricky seams and details that are just imposslbe to mass produce 

  • My money goes further 

  • The Fabric is so different to the thin stretchy cheap fabric that modern clothes are made of

  • The Quality is amazing

  • It has pockets

  • It is lined or it has a hem and seam allowance so I can

Vintage Gift Accessory Bundle

So do embrace the idea of Vintage Fashion and just think by making a few little changes

or wearing it in the original way you will make a difference.

Next month will be all about Vintage Gifting here at Rock Follies Vintage its really exciting and can't wait to share it all.

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