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When the music stops sit down !!!

The Move……..

People used to come into my shop and say, “I wouldn’t like to do a stock take in here” Well imagine packing it all up to move, it was indeed a challenge that finally happened third time lucky as it had snowed heavily on my first and second moving dates. So, with the snow still on the ground and a new light dusting of snow falling the night before the move, the contents were moved out of the shop and into the studio.

Full Shop

You know when you move to a new house you are surrounded by boxes, well my Studio was literally clothing rails and suitcases piled higher than me, without an inch to spare, I could just about close the door. The next day I sold a hat on the website and was relieved to find it in the second hat box I looked in!

So, it has taken me two weeks to unpack and sort out all my stock into eras and decades and to sort all the jewellery, accessories, bags and hats into colours and types.

Empty Shop

The ‘Home Edit’ on Netflix, would approve, as now each hat box and suitcase has been labelled with my handy Dymo label maker, everything is either on rails or packed and stored in vintage hat boxes, trunks and suitcases. I have vintage rugs on the floors and vintage linen curtains hanging at the windows, managed to fit in the mid centary sideboard and dressing table and yes, the bunting is up.

New Vintage Stock in the Studio

I can say now with a big sigh of relief that I am sorted and can really start planning the next phase of Rock Follies Vintage, my new diary planner arrived today and am so pleased that my glorious vintage stock is here with me ready to pack up and send out !

Tweeds in the Studio

My Vintage Suitcases in the Studio

Warrens Removals & Storage were the local removal firm that moved the contents of the shop, they are fantastic. Warren took a photo of all the empty shops around mine and posted it online, he was then contacted by BBC Hereford & Worcester and asked if they could talk to me about closing my shop? I agreed the next morning I did a live interview on the breakfast show about pivoting the business from a bricks and mortar shop to purely online business (you can catch it on Rock Follies Vintage Facebook post.) I was keen to make the interview a positive one as I really do feel that we need to find the positive in the times we find ourselves in.

"And The Bride Wore a Vintage Bridal Gown"

I have so many ideas for the website and cannot wait to load more of the lovely pieces on. It has taken longer than I had hoped however that seems to be the norm these days when nothing goes quiet as planned but that is ok for tomorrow is another day ….

Keep safe keep browsing !

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