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We are Back !

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

So with all the changes that a Pandemic has thrown at us, with the shop closed for 4 months during National Lock Down, I decided that Rock Follies Vintage the brand was going to survive. We were going to relaunch restart and be better than ever before.

I was always going to start selling online however while I had a bricks and mortar shop that took up all my time I didn’t need to. So a shiny new website is launched alongside my lovely Vintage Shop, I really hope to keep both platforms and have been incredibly heart warmed by returning and new customers who have come through the doors to support a local business. I am however aware that to future proof the business I need to sell online. So the first items that I am listing on the website are not beautiful Vintage Treasures (do not worry they are in the wings waiting patiently) no they are handmade face masks! I started making them for friends and family when I realized they could make a difference and would end up being mandatory, so I ordered over 100 meters of lovely fabrics, yards of elastic and zillions of nose wires and filters and all the other necessary items and actually they have been a huge success.

So its new beginnings I feel like a very small fish in a very big pond but I really hope that people will want to shop sustainably and Vintage is a great way to do that, oh and in the meantime pick up a reusable and sustainably face mask they are for sale in the shop and online!

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