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Spring is about to Spring

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Hello to all my new subscribers, you are very welcome, how we all doing? With a bit of light at the end of a very dark tunnel I hope you are really feeling positive. Are you ready, have you made plans, written down your goals? the future is on its way.

1930s Vintage China and Lace table cloth
Vintage China & Vintage Lace Cloth

Transferring all the stock from a two floors of a shop filled to the rafters with gorgeous vintage to the website is going well, really well actually.

The thought of doing it, was to be perfectly honest quiet daunting l, so I set myself an achievable goal when you have a mountain to climb it’s quite hard to see the top from where you are standing. I dug deep and remembered that old saying “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer “one bite at a time” (obviously not really) and that is what I am doing adding a minimum of 5 items a day that 35 a week that’s 140 a month that’s 1680 per year. So I will have eaten a couple of virtual elephant legs by the end of the year!

Peaky Blindes themed accessories
Peaky Blinders Accessory Pack

Accessory Gift Packs

I always enjoyed putting together accessories for my displays in the shop or of course for my customers when they tried on a dress or a suit I would get them to try on scarf, gloves necklace, and bag or cravat, cuff link, pocket square and braces, they then saw how the look was pulled together. With this in mind I am putting together ‘Accessory Packs’ for both men and women to give a one stop shop. I have spent a lot of time dipping into this large collection and curating items that work together so you don’t have to, I am delighted with the results they are beautiful, expect to discover hidden treasure of a vintage Merino necklace or a thirties silk scarf amongst the treasures.

The packs will come carefully boxed up so lovely for you to open or indeed for you to gift to lover of vintage. They have a theme name to help you pick the right pack for example ‘A Day at the races’ ‘A night at the Opera’ “Tea at the Ritz” “A Weekend in Paris” “A weekend at Goodwood” or of course Mothers Day themed, Just let us know in the comments if you want us to add a personal message to the recipient.

Vintage accessories with a pink Mothers day theme
Mothers Day Themed Gift Pack

So to carry on with my theme of curating the stock I will be adding items that go together perfectly like a “Lace linen tablecloth and bone China tea set.” “A Cotton nightdress with a nightdress case” If I can add value then I certainly will, it’s a great way of buying vintage as the packs and bundles are for sale at a discount.

I hope you are keeping safe setting your goals and remember when you are looking at the top of the mountain you just have to take that first little step.

Take care and do have a look at the 'Accessory Pack' for him and for her on the website, they are a limited edition and of course all unique.

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