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Building a Look For Peaky Blinders Event - With Vintage Clothing & Accessories

The Peaky Blinders are back, delayed of course and without the presence of the beautiful and so talented Helen McCrory, who we shall never forget for bringing the character of Polly to life with such substance, RIP Helen.

With my historic love for 1920s fashion, Living in the Midlands with my very own Black County Mon, he calls me "Lin daaa" . We have embraced the show right from the get go, and have just completed re watching the previous five series so we like many others are season six ready, I was amazed at the detail you notice when you rewatch it! I have dressed many people for Peaky blinders events, and attended some including boxing events in Worcester Guild Hall and Peaky Blinder nights at the Black Country Museum where much of the previous series were filmed. So here are some ways to get the look using a mixture of Vintage and Vintage Style Clothing and Accessories

Tip #1 - Choose a character from the show

Follow their style and build up the look, start with "Suited & Booted" for the men and "Hats Gloves Bag" for the ladies. Look at the detail the silhouette of your character.

Tip #2 - Think about the Fabrics

Man made fabrics had not been invented yet, so your clothing should be or look like wool, tweed, silk and cotton and the colours should be muted with men in grey, black, brown and navy with white and cream. The women in the same muted colours for every day with a brighter contrast to the men introducing reds, pinks maroons greens for evening and occasions, like the day at the Races, or at the Town Hall.

"Peaky Blinders series 6, bombastic, yes, but still a masterclass in style and substance"
By Benji Wilson The Telegraph 22/2/22

Tip #3 - Select the Occasion

So are you at a glamorous evening event like the ballet scene, beads, silks, furs for the women evening dress for the men, a day at the races or the boxing night. Perhaps you off to the office, the pub (The Garrison) smart day ware with a coat hat fur, women also wore ties and shirts with a feminine twist. Then again you may be in Charlies Yard in the mud and cinders with a more casual look of shirt sleeves and heavy boots and big coats in dark colours.

Tip #4 - Accessories are Key

Never before have accessories been so important, so which hat does your character wear? Men, is it the 8 panelled tweed cap ? yes if you want to be a peaky blinder, or a trilby, bowler or a flat mid brimmed hat for other characters. Ties should be dark and textured pocket squares bright and white, cuff links, pocket watches tie pins gold or silver. Socks black shoes or boots black heavy with over coat and black gloves.

Women is it a close fitting cloche hat, an embroidered mid brimmed hat or a diamanté headdress. Handbags & Purses small leather or fabric, embroidered or beaded, jewellery faux pearls, diamonds, jet and other stones and seeds for drop earrings, long necklaces, cuff bracelets, and stone brooches (not all worn together, select your pieces) see how a large Diamante brooch looks on the side of a hat) The open toe shoe had not been developed yet and so a low Louis shaped heel, for boots and shoes with a T bar or ankle strap.

Tip #5 - Finish the Look

So you may not go and get the full peaky hair cut men but you can the look, with a short back and sides cut or slick back the hair with gel, perhaps grow a moustache! Ladies well there is a lot to do here, from the bob to marcel waves so practice yourself or ask your hair dresser to style your hair. Seamed stockings in black, cream or nude in a shine or matt. Take off your modern watch and glasses, wear contacts or a you can get prescription glasses put into frames. Men a vintage wallet and cigarette case even if you don't smoke, a gold collar stud, braces devil is in the detail.


By Order of the Peaky Blinders EnEvent!

Dresses as peaky blinders on the steps at Worcester Guild Hall
Rock Follies Vintage and Guests & Worcester Guildhall Peaky Blinders Boxing Event

Do your home work, check your details you can of course mix it all up for example yes women can go in shirt and Peaky Blinder caps or feathers and fur it is up to you !

We have put together two collections together on the website, which we are adding to every week so just click on each to have a good look and for more ideas !

three men seated at the Peaky Blinder Boxing Event
Peaky Men at the Boxing Event

Please leave a comment below with your stories or any Peaky Blinder events or parties you have been to:


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