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New Website & Autumn's Coming

We have been asked for years if we sell our Vintage Clothing and Accessories online, well now we do, it just took a Pandemic to get it sorted out!

So a brand new Website has been built new flyers and business cards designed. We are bursting with new ideas that we shall be bringing to you over the next few months. In the mean time we would love to know you want from the website, with two floors of Vintage treasures to bring you let us know what you want to see ! what you want to buy! We have Vintage Clothing and accessories for Men and Women.

Just go to the contact form and send us your requests and we will add them to our collections. We will be picking out some freebies to add to new orders its all very exciting!

So the weather is changing as Summer just begins to ebb away here in the UK and let's Autumn sneak in to the early mornings and the early evenings, we can still enjoy some warm sunny days. As I write this the sun is shining and its really warm but our customers in the shop are buying coats already, a vintage coat is a great investment and yes you probably will not see any one else wearing yours ! So leather and suede are great choices the texture is very flattering to wear and who doesn't love a real wool tweedy coat fully lined in colours that are not black.

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