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Our Quirky Cufflinks are made from original vintage Travel Scrabble Tiles (the small ones approx 8mm square,) the fonts and colours varies slightly as they did change them over the years, we always pick matching colours and fronts.

There are some letters that are rare like the "J" as the scrabble players amonst us will know that there is only one 'J' in each set.

So unfortunatley not all the letters are available all of the time!


The links are £5 each and £10 for a boxed set please select your two letters in the drop down options.


They come in a Rock Follies Vintage Box make a great gift!


Initial Ideas:

G & T for the Gin Lovers

L & R  for Left & Right

L & U  for Love You

X & X for kisses

Inintals of a couple 

Initials of the wearer


Scrabble Cufflinks

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