Original Vintage: Swimming Suit with Skirt Front

Dating from: early 1970s

Label: St Michael Made in Britian 



The fabric has two way stretch (around and up and down)

Side seam to side seam across bust to fit 34” (86cm)

Side seam to side seam across waist to fit 26” (66 cm)

Side seam to side seam across hips 36/37” (91 - 94cm)

Length from top at centre front to skirt hem 19” (48 cm)

A Rock Follies Vintage Size 10

Made of: Nylon and Lycra of a medium to heavy weight, in a typical bright and zany 1970s citrus print with bright greens, turquoise blue, yellow, black and orange.


Style: A fashionable swim suit of the 70s with a classic darted bust the front has an asymmetrical waist line which has a modesty mini skirt over the front. The inside of the costume has a built in bra to give shape.


Vintage Condition: Excellent Vintage Condition: With some wear to the waist line at each side the price reflects the condition.


Vintage items are not new they date back to a particular era, some have survived in amazing condition, while others may show some signs of age, but we feel they still deserve to make it into our collection. Therefore, we have listed our items into three Conditions:


  • Excellent Vintage Condition: Means the item is in great shape for its age. (Most of our stock will fall into this category)

      Original 1970s Swim Suit with Front Skirt

      SKU: LSW004
      • non bio rinse and dry naturally