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One Size Fits No One!


It may seem quiet simple however we all know that every shop, sizes their clothing in different ways some use the good old S M L and well what does it mean?  because there is no such thing as one size fits all and we certainly fall into more than 3 sizes,  oh so they add on  a few XS and a few XL on to each end of the scale.  


So I have created a simple chart of how to take the a few measurements that will help find your Rock Follies Vintage dress size Ladies and your suit size Gentleman.


Don't have a tape measure?  Then you can order this Measure Kit  for just £2 refundable on your next order.


Please note if you order just this item the shipping cost added will be refunded after checkout. 


If you do have a tape just check out the size guide page 

            Measurement Kit

            SKU: MC001
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