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Accessory Pack contains items sold separately worth £95

We have curated this pack especially for the Chap who wants to get the authentic vintage look, the pack is made up of natural products including horn, cotton, Leather and silk, the pack price is £55


What’s in the  Pack

1. Vintage Tie Moffat

2. Vintage Gold Tone Chain Link Cuff Links

3. Vintage Cotton Handkerchief

4. Vintage Horn Shoehorn

5. Vintage Leather Lucky Horseshoe Collar Stud Box with studs

6. Vintage Tan Leather Passport Holder

7. Vintage Tan Leather Pocket Key Wallet

8. Vintage Tan Leather Drivers Licence Wallet

9. Vintage Gold Tone Tie Pin



  • Vintage Hand-Woven Tie - Four Ties in One

A classic light wool pure tweed tie by Moffat, four different colour ways make up this fully reversable and double ended tie ‘

Four Ties in One, by Rodlinoch’ Un worn in original packaging.

Tie 1. Red, burgundy and kaki green mixed woven threads into diagonal stripes

Tie 2. Pale blue, light brown and teal green mixed woven threads into diagonal diamonds

Tie 3. Lime green, bottle green and pale blue in small check

Tie 4. Brown, Rust, mid green, pale blue and light green threads

Measurements: Tip to tip 51 1/2" (160.65cm) width at ends 3” (8cm)


  • Vintage Gold Tone Chain Cuff Links

Oval machine turned gold tone chain link cuff links with lozenge shape back piece.

Measurements: Oval plate 4/8” x 6/8 “(1.7cm x 5 cm)


  • Vintage Cotton Handkerchief

New Old Stock Measurements: 13” x 13 ½” (33 cm x 34 ½ cm)


  • Vintage Shoehorn

Made from Horn Measurements: 4 3/4” x 1 ½” (12 cm x 4 cm)


  • Vintage Leather Collar Stud Case with Collar Studs.

Vintage leather collar stud case with burgundy pot inside. The two collar studs enclosed are gold coloured with white. The short stud is for the back collar fix this prior to putting the shirt on, then bring the collar around to the front and fix to the shirt by putting the stud flip the little top and put through the two shirt buttonholes and then the two collar buttonholes then flip back the little top to keep in place.

Measurements: Case: 2 3/4” x 2 1/4” (7 cm x 6 cm)


  • Vintage Tan Leather Passport Holder

Measurements: closed 6 ½” x 4¼ ” ( 11 cm x 16.5)


  • Vintage Tan Leather Key Holder

With four sprung hooks for keys

Measurements: closed 3 ¼” x 2 ¼ ” ( 8 cm x 5.5)


  • Vintage Tan Leather Drivers Licence Wallet

Measurements: closed 4 ¼ “ x 2 7/8 ” ( 11 cm x 7cm )



  • Vintage Cravat or Tie Pin

Gold tone vintage tie pin

Measurements: 1 7/8” (4.5 cm) in length


Please note the props used for styling are not included in the pack.



Vintage Condition: Excellent Vintage Condition:


Vintage items are not new they date back to a particular era, some have survived in amazing condition, while others may show some signs of age but we feel they still deserve to make it into our collection. Therefore, we have listed our items into three Conditions:


  • Excellent Vintage Condition: Means the item is in great shape for its age. (Most of our stock will fall into this category)



      We'll Meet Again - Accessory Bundle

      SKU: MA0039
      £95.00 Regular Price
      £55.00Sale Price
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