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Trio of Vintage Brooches

A beautiful collection of brooches with a theme of Gold and Green each brooch comes on a branded Rock Follies Vintage card in an individual box, so they are ideal for individual gifts and sold at a special pack price! PS you can keep them all for yourself!


Description top to bottom as in first photograph


1.Description: Stylized Knot Design Brooch, with engraved textured square design running through and smooth shiny edge

Signed by Boucher 1047P

Marcel Boucher was born in Paris and worked as a jewellery designer for Cartier in 1930s he took a job for Mazer Brothers until 1937 when he founded his own company.

Dated: 1955

Measurements: Width Across 2 ¼ “(6 cm) Depth ¾ “(2 cm)

Made of Gold metal

Closure: Pin closure with safety lock


2.Description: Gold Contemporary Spray Design Brooch

Signed by 1114

Dated: made between 1963 - 1977

Measurements: Width Across 2 ½ “(7 cm) Depth ½ “(1cm)

Made of: Gold tone metal

Closure: Pin closure with safety lock


3.Description: Gold Tone Clear and Green Stone Filagree Brooch

Signed by none

Dated 1950s

Measurements: Width Across 1 “(2.5 cm) Depth ¼ “(.5cm)

Made of: Gold tone metal and glass stones

Closure: Pin closure with ‘C’ catch hook



Vintage Condition: Excellent Vintage Condition:


Vintage items are not new they date back to a particular era, some have survived in amazing condition, while others may show some signs of age but we feel they still deserve to make it into our collection. Therefore, we have listed our items into three Conditions:


  • Excellent Vintage Condition: Means the item is in great shape for its age. (Most of our stock will fall into this category)

Trio of Vintage Brooches Gold & Green

£42.00 Regular Price
£35.00Sale Price
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