A Day at the Seaside - Accessory Pack contains items sold separately worth £82 pack price is £44


What’s in the pack

1. Vintage Sheer Gloves

2. Vintage 1950s Printed Handkerchief

3. Vintage Irish Linen Embroidered Round Mats

4. Vintage Reversed Carved Brooch of Crinoline Lady

5. Vintage Gold Tone Necklace of Shells on a Chain

6. 1950's Printed Crepe Handkerchief with Roses




1. Vintage Sheer Gloves

Original Vintage coral sheer gloves with bow at wrist with a notch and little bow at wrist


Small around hand above thumb 6” (15 cm) length from longest finger to wrist 9” (22.5 cm)


2. Vintage 1950s Printed Handkerchief

A 1950s souvenir printed handkerchief from Western-Super-Mare with four scenes from around the seaside attraction with the Grand Pier in the centre and the words a present from Weston-Super- Mare in yellows, greens, blues and red with a cream boarder and outlining and lettering in black.

12’ x 12” (30.5 cm x 30.5 cm)


3. Vintage Irish Linen Embroidered Matts

A 1950s boxed set of 3 round Irish linen cream matts, embroidered in pastel y