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Original Vintage: Shirt


Dating from: 1970’s


Label: Peculiar to Mr Fish 100 Mount Street WI

Mr Fish was responsible to the change in men’s clothing and invented the Kipper Tie his clothes were worn by Royalty and Rock Stars, David Bowie, Sean Connery as Bond and Mick Jager were all customers in his London Boutique just of Bond Street.



Chest 40”

Waist 38 ”

Sleeve Length 24 1/2“

Length from back neck to hem 30”


A Rock Follies Vintage: 40" Chest


Please check our size guide for how to take your measurements.


Fabric: Mid Chocolate brown so fashionable in the 1970's, a Cotton jacquard the diamond pattern is woven into the fabric


Style: 1970s slim cut with long pointed collars


Features: the lapels have individual stiffeners in which come out for laundering. Double cuff for cuff links


Ideal to wear for: very wearable shirt


Vintage Condition: Excellent Vintage Condition:


Vintage items are not new they date back to a particular era, some have survived in amazing condition, while others may show some signs of age, but we feel they still deserve to make it into our collection. Therefore, we have listed our items into three Conditions:

1970s Shirt by Mr Fish

  • machine or hand wash at 40 degrees remove the collar stiffiners first and pop back in when ironed.

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