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Original Vintage: 1950s Sheer Purple Nylon Gloves with tiny mesh pattern, the wrist has a frilled cuff detail.

Dating from: 1950s

Label: Nylon Made in England 7 (small to medium)


See photograph marked up with lines for measurement’s:

Line marked 1: is the end circumference around the wrist elasticated 6 - 9” (15.3-23cm)

Line marked 2: is the measurement around the hand not including the thumb: Flat 6” (15cm) stretch to 7 “(17.5cm)

Line 3. The length from the longest fingertip to the wrist: 8.5” (21.5 cm)

Line 4. The length from the longest fingertip to the seam 4” (10cm)


Made of: Nylon

Vintage Condition: Excellent Vintage Condition: tiny hole on one glove


Vintage items are not new they date back to a particular era, some have survived in amazing condition, while others may show some signs of age but we feel they still deserve to make it into our collection. Therefore, we have listed our items into three Conditions:


  • Excellent Vintage Condition: Means the item is in great shape for its age. (Most of our stock will fall into this category)


      1950s Purple Nylon Sheer Gloves

      SKU: LSG009
      • Gentle hand wash

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