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Original Vintage: Stratton Powder Compact with Enamelled Decorated Lid


Dating from: 1975 to late 1980s



Diameter 3 ½” (8 cm)

Depth 2/8” (1 cm)


Signed: Stratton who were British makers of quality vanity accessories including powder compacts, lipstick holders and are becoming increasingly collectable made for 70s years until 1997.


Made of Lacquered brass with enamelled lid


Style: Large Princess Stratton powder compact this design was produced from 1953 to celebrate Princess Elizabeth’s coronation until 1994


Features: Sprung opening patented side catch with button and opening hinged ring to encase a powder pan (not included) the powder well has a cream liner.


Lid Design: The lid is a stunning deep maroon enamelled finish when it catches the light it turns a deep red, the fluted ten sided lid features gold flowers surrounding a lilac frame with a rose bouquet in the centre.

Back Design: Lines and Spots with Stratton signature back design

Compact comes with a vintage pouch and new powder puff and a Rock Follies Vintage Pouch.

Vintage Condition: Excellent Vintage Condition: Some scratching to back and sides and some tarnishing to inner brass still a beautiful piece

Powder Compact with Enamelled Decorated Lid

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