Original Vintage: Imari style pattern hand painted bone china tea set from 1926 – 1935 set by Doric China Staffordshire, England.

Two large square scalloped cornered cake plates, Sugar bowl Milk Jug

6 tea plates, 6 saucers, and 6 teacups. 

( I have some extta pieces that I will add in)


Teamed with an Edwardian set of twenty small and medium embroidered scalloped edged cotton place mats, and a set of six navy handled EPNS ( Electro Plated Nickel Silver) tea knives .


An Art Deco vintage china tea set perfect for a vintage tea party or vintage wedding.


Tea Set Dating from 1926 – 1935 this beautiful set looks really impressive when laid out on a large table. The White porcelain has the beautiful rich colours of copper green navy and gold in rectangle panels and swags and each piece is decorated with gilding.


Back Stamp: Doric China Crest of Staffordshire Made in England


Teacup: Height 2 6/8 ” (7cm) in height, diameter 3“ (8cm)

Saucer: 5 ½ ” (14cm) diameter

Tea Plate 7” (17.5cm) across

Cake Plate 8 5/8” (22 cm) across

Milk Jug 4” (10cm) in height 2 ½ ” (8cm) across