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New Feature Display & Valentine Dinner Ideas! (including a Cocktail recipe)

When I had the shop I really enjoyed putting in a new window display, and was always amazed at what ever time of day it was there were always people looking in smiling and pointing at various displays I had put together. So I will carry on with this on the website and instead of a window display it will be called a Feature Display ! I will be walking around my studio and picking out select pieces and putting them together for a grouped themed display !

1950s statin halter neck gown
Valentines Window Display

The shop window has gone from the home page, and you will now see the latest display with a link to is a special page called "Feature Display" click and you will be taken to all the items listed for sale in the display along with some extras!

Silk Burgundy and White Spot Self Tie Bow Tie
Self Tie Bow Tie

The first Feature Display is all about Valentines with soft pinks and greens being my inspiration.

Sheer cream gloves with tiny pink pattern and bow trim
Parisian Vintage Gloves

I have loads of ideas for future Displays and look forward to curating some interesting and engaging displays.

Now talking of Valentines day there are some perfect gifts for yourself or for your partner to pick from on the website, but how about some ideas to spend valentines day at home this year.

Vintage Shot Glasses, Fish Course Cutlery & Condiment Set on Vintage Linen
Vintage Homeware


  1. Ask your partner formally to join you for dinner date night you send them a virtual invite if it has to be over Zoom suggesting the same three course meal that you both prepare in advance, or a handwritten note popped in the post or left on the pillow if you live together. If you have family and other generations living with you in lock down, either have a joined dinner or get the kids tea early. The key here is to be organised and get them to make some valentine themed treats.

  2. Plan the menu work out what you need to buy in advance. You don't have to cook every thing, lots of supermarkets do a special Valentines Dinner deal.

  3. Decorate your table in a Valentine theme this could be using reds and pinks using a table runner, napkins, candles and best china. Have you got any pink or cranberry vintage glass that you could put on the table, if not tie some ribbon around your wine glasses.

  4. Sort out a playlist there are some beautiful romantic vintage tunes that you can find.

  5. Dress up put on an outfit as if you were going out for dinner yes even shoes, as come on slippers are just not making it.

  6. Light a fire or create a cosy ambiance with candles and soft light and have a glass of something fizzy, and after dinner find a good Rom Com Movie or Bridgerton !

  7. Have fun make sure you laugh together and if you are reading this and you don't have a partner then do all of the above for yourself, yes you are absolutely worth it, or with a family member or friend.

Finally here is a little Cocktail Recipe that you start the evening it is taken from a lovely little book called 'Gone With the Gin' - Cocktails with a Holywood Twist. by Tim Federle not an ad but a gift from my gorgeous daughter (she knows me so well)

Gone With The Gin

You will need:

2 whole jalapeños, 1/2 peach pitted and sliced, 2 rosemary sprigs, 3/4 oz simple sugar syrup, 1 1/2 oz gin, 1/2 oz Campari, 1/2 oz lemon juice, club soda to fill.


Muddle the jalapeños, peach,1 rosemary sprig, and syrup in a shaker. Add gin, Campari, lemon juice and handful of ice to shaker and shake well. Double-strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass (low ball) garnish with rotary sprig. Sip slow - about three hours !


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